Plan Rajasthani Royal Wedding At Radhey Ki Haveli

Rajasthan is one of the best hubs for the historical place from all over India. Its one of the state in India who renown around the world for its magnificent lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. Royalty is a word that closely associated with Rajasthan lifestyle.

Due to its rich culture, delicious food or appealing clothing style, Rajasthan stands apart in terms of style and opulence. To visualize wedding fantasy in real, then Rajasthan palaces is the most attractive destination, among the various wedding destinations in India. There are infinite hotels within the state of Rajasthan those exhibit beautiful banquet halls for wedding ceremonies.

The wedding time is the most awaited time for everyone’s life. Rajasthan palaces make this day more beautiful and memorable. People from various corner of the world come to incredible India to tie their knots in the most lavish and regal way.

A proper Rajasthani wedding has a number of the pre-wedding, wedding day as well as the post-wedding custom that are to follow as per ancient tradition.

Pre-wedding Custom

There is a various pre-wedding custom that is attached to Rajasthani wedding. Some of these customs include the tilak ceremony in which the bride brother do a tilak on the groom’s forehead as a symbol of respect and welcome. Further, there is a propitious Ganpati Staphna and Grah Shanti, where havan conduct with the intention of starting all wedding rituals with auspiciousness and remove any obstacle that could come in the way.

Rajasthani Royal wedding -pitthi dastoor

The Pithi Dastoor is another custom that involves applying the paste made up of turmeric and sandalwood on the face and body in order to enhance the beauty of the bride and groom before the wedding day.

Wedding Customs

Rajasthani Royal Wedding In Radhey Ki haveli

This is one of the most important of wedding custom as it’s a day when the bride and groom tie their knots for whole life. This customs comprise of Aarti and Sath Phere. On arrival of the groom, the female member of the bride family welcome him with an aarti and ushered inside by the bride’s brother. The actual wedding ritual is the saat phere, where the couple takes 7 rounds around the holy fire with the priest chanting mantras, and commit to living their remaining life as husband and wife.

Post-wedding Customs

The post-wedding custom of the Rajasthani wedding involves a warm welcome of Bride in Groom’ home. Its involve customs like Pair Pagdai, Girah Pravesh, Biddai etc.

Rajasthani Bride

Rajasthani bride wears a traditional outfit with bright contrasting colors and heavy handwork embroideries. There are many pieces of jewelry worn by Rajasthani bride to adorn various body parts on the wedding day. Dresses of bride design by heavy and eye-catching embroidery work.

Rajasthani traditional wedding jewelry involve Rakhri for the bride's forehead, Chooda is a set of gold and ivory bangles,Bajumand is an armlet bedecked with gold and stones,Bichhiya is toe ring for feet and Nath is nose ring made of stones. Nowadays, Bride’s of Rajasthan also begun to experiment with their outfits, with fabrics like tissue, net, and chiffon which are being used in place of silk for Ghaghras. On the wedding day, most of them opt to wear a gown with traditional heavy embroidery work.

Rajasthani Groom

The groom of Rajasthan gets dressed like a king for his wedding day. The traditional outfit of groom consists of a long coat known as Achkan with churidar and royal shoes. His costume is highlighted by a Turban, decorate with jewels or feathers. Rajasthani groom also wears a piece of jewelry called Sarperch also known as "Kalangi" on the turbans. He also wears a long necklace and cummerbund around their waist which makes him look royal and stately appeal.

And, if we talk about the present scenario in Rajasthan, now groom’s switching their taste from only traditional to the mixture of traditional and western fashion trends.

Wedding ceremony in Royal Heritage Hotels

Rajasthani Royal Wedding Palace

Royal Heritage Hotels always enhance the beauty of Rajasthan. Wedding arrangements in such hotels are very much appealing and eye-catching. Services serve in luxury hotels are a very good example of sound hospitality. Wedding in Rajasthan heritage hotels is a very good example of an exotic and elegant event.


Rajasthani Royal Wedding Hall

Radhey ki Haveli is one of the best Royal wedding edifices in Rajasthan that provides an elegant banquet hall for arranging delight Rajasthani Royal Weddings.

The royal emporium that this place offers can never be compared and it simply resembles a wonderful aura of the Kings also known as Maharajas in those days. We assure you that your guests will get mesmerized with the taste of food and arrangements.

Rajasthani  Wedding  Food

Dal  Baati  Churma

Rajasthani Royal Wedding Food menu

This is just about the most famous Marwari Rajasthani dish. The spicy dal and sweetness of churma make the perfect balanced meal and taste great when eating with baati.

Rajasthani  Thali

Rajasthani Royal Wedding Thali


A traditional Rajasthani thali depicts an excellent play of gourmet preparations on a plate of epic proportions. The meticulous arrangements of curries, pickles, special breads, and desserts would delight one and everyone.

As I have discussed so many reasons why you should have a look at Rajasthani Royal Wedding once in a lifetime. I hope you have enjoyed the d whole article and get a knowledge about various customs of Rajasthani Wedding.

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