Revitalize Your Senses with Heritage Hotel Radhey Ki Haveli

Rajasthan is always known for its history that’s the reason why we called the land of kings. It is the most beautiful state of India where the number of heritage places, palaces, forts etc available; that attract the millions of visitors every year across the globe. Khatu is one such place in Sikar District which attracts the visitors and devotees for its purity and revitalize the sense of people. It’s a place which is known for several types of creativity.

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Radhey ki Haveli is one special type of heritage in khatu which is now ready to serve you with a great touch of heritage and Rajasthani culture by assuring wedding hotel in Rajasthan. So if you curious to enjoy and feel real touch of Rajasthani culture with royal feelings then there is only one Hotel available in khatu whose aspect is articulate by considering the importance of Khatu and royal culture of Rajasthan. Radhey ki Haveli is yet another major stopover for those who want to experience the real feeling and royalty of Rajasthan at a comfort of a wallet. This heritage hotel is one of the best and wonderful as it has a perfect location amidst nature and the bustling city. It is also known as an ideal place for devotees and visitors definitely revitalize your senses amid tranquil surroundings. Ekadashi event is one such event which held in every evening at Radhey ki Haveli which makes your visit too memorable. The large option of a room with marinating the culture of Rajasthan and Luxurious service feels you awesome. The hotel has 7 types of room with well-appointed and comfortable facilities. The large selection of suites and villas with a traditional touch of royals, definitely revitalize your senses. Radhey ki Haveli at Khatu Shyam ji serves you in a friendly way which feels you like royal. It also offers you in-house restaurant facilities named Nandgaon which is completely articulate with maintaining the feelings and emotions of real Nandgoan. Here you get all type of services in traditional bajot style. All these services make this place awesome because none of the other promises to serve you with never-ending services. So if you wish to revitalize your senses then just visit the heritage hotel Radhey Ki Haveli.