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Khatu shyam ji is a famous god of current time, the history of shri Shyam originates from the Mahabharata. Many years ago lord Krishna gave him the boon to be worshiped at current time when Veer Barbareek sacrificed his head in the way of religion. Lord Krishna delighted with the Barbareek’s great sacrifice and granted him the boon that when kaliyug (present times evil times) come downs, he would be worshiped by the name of Shyam in his form. He is also known as ‘Donor of head’ in hindi ‘Sheesh ke daan’i in his devotees. He fulfills all the wishes of his pilgrims whose have true heart. It is situated at the Khatu town of the Rajasthan. Read more about Radhey Ki Haveli A Famous Wedding Hotel in Rajasthan

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The khatu shyam ji temple constructed of the famous Makrana marble, is in the heart of town. Due to this greatness of the khatu shyam ji, this is a very famous temple in the Rajasthan, where people come from all over the Rajasthan and come across the Rajasthan as well. So if you are planning to visit the Khatu town then Radhey ki Haveli is the best option for you to stay there. Radhey ki Haveli is the best luxurious khatu shyam hotel town which gives you the actual immense of Rajasthan. The Radhey ki Haveli also known as the traditional hotel in Rajasthan due to its services and infrastructure such as: best hotel themes, paintings, sculpture, royal traditional foods in gold and silver plates. Read more about Blissful Stay at Best Hotel in Khatu

In case, if you are planning to your visit in future or coming months you can also book your rooms from the online portal of the Radhey ki Haveli. Our user friendly website helps you to easily book your stay online at our hotel which can be completed in mere minutes. Radhey ki haveli hotel booking in khatu provides different category of rooms on different budget, so you can book your room according to your budget and can enjoy the tradition and royalty of Rajasthan at Radhey Ki Haveli.

Radhey Ki Haveli is a Traditional and famous hotel in khatu which provide the luxurious modern room facility, Ekadashi Kirtan, Serving North Indian food in fine dining