Radhey Ki Haveli Stay at Luxurious Hotel in Khatu

Radhey ki Haveli is the hotel in Rajasthan where visitor gets the luxurious and royal arrangement with Rajasthan culture and tradition. Radhey ki haveli is the traditional hotel in khatu which organize ekadashi kirtan, bhajan sandhya and wedding also. In ekadashi kirtan and bhajan singers come across the world to sing the bhajan. Read more about Plan Your Event at Wedding Hotel in Rajasthan

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The luxury hotel in khatu is the land where devotees come from the every corner of the world to take the darshan of Khatu Shyam Ji, most of the devotees come to the khatu shyam because lord khatu shyam has been full fill the mannat of the devotees and some people are also come for celebrating events, wedding, ceremony etc. The traditional hotel in khatu provide all those facilities and culture to the visitor so that they can remind all those old memories and able to feel and enjoy those style and culture which is used by the all the maharaja’s and maharani in their time.

Radhey ki Haveli –stay at the luxurious hotel in khatu provide all those different kind of categories of the rooms and suits. Below are different Kinds of Rooms Categories offer By Radhey ki Haveli -

  • Sapphire Room

  • Sapphire Premium room

  •  Silver Room

  • Gold Room

  • Diamond Room  

  • Platinum Room

  • Suit Room

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The luxury best hotel in khatu also provide the advance booking system for the users, users can online book the rooms for their blissful stay at radhey ki haveli, visitors are allowed to book their favorite room and able to make their stay pleasant and happy. Traditional hotel in khatu also organizes events for the visitors. In events there are different kind of bhajan and kirtan are organizes for the visitors so that they will full fill them self with the lord khatu shyam’s devotion.