Radhey ki Haveli A Royal Wedding Hotel in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a landmark of cultural heritage and Indian traditional values. This beautiful state of India is known for its royal palaces. These palaces are now majorly transformed into big rich hotels and tourist attraction of visitors. Other elements for which it is famous for is huge forts and monuments which come under the tourist destination in the list of global tourism. Radhey ki Haveli is a best hotel booking in khatu one such place grown with global tourists in all four seasons that increase on festivals like Khatu Shyam Ji ka mela, Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Radhashtmi etc. as during these festivals the city become a cultural tourism in Rajasthan. Read more about Radhey Ki Haveli- Fine Dining Restaurant in Khatu

The Radhey Ki Haveli a best hotel in khatu, cultural tourism allows one to look beyond the visual glories and experience the rich culture, devotional feelings and traditional heritage of Rajasthan.


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One can easily find the standardization of Indian classics together with special Rajasthani cuisine including gatte ka saag, dal, baati, churma, Kadi, and missi puri etc., only in this place of beauty. The royal emporium that this place offers can never be compared and it simply resembles a wonderful aura of the Kings and Maharajas of those days. If this place has such greatness, how great it would be to take your wedding vows at such a divine and historical place that will add charm to your wedding venue as well as provide god blessings. The enchanting beauty of the location and spiritual feeling gives a sense of belongingness and connection with God.

Yes, the Radhey ki Haveli is one of the best wedding hotel in Rajasthan that offers great wedding packages with exclusive prices and amazing Rajasthani food. If you have to give that ethnic touch to your big day, Radhey Ki Haveli has the best wedding hotel in Rajasthan to book. We assure you that your guests will get mesmerized with the authenticity of food and arrangements. The best part is that the wedding couples will receive blessings of Shyam baba and what more one can ask for. Apart from that several spirituals events are held at Radhey ki Haveli and booking facility is available for same.

Radhey Ki Haveli is a Traditional and famous Hotel in Khatu which provide the luxurious modern room facility, Ekadashi Kirtan, Serving North Indian food in fine dining.

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