Radhey Ki Haveli - The Royal Heritage Hotel in Khatu

Khatu is the village of religious importance in the Sikar district of the Rajasthan in the India. It is a home of the famous temple of the Shyam Baba. The Khatu is also known as Khatu Shyam ji, due to popularity of the Shyam Baba temple. The Khatu shayam ji templeis constructed of the famous Makrana marble in the heart of the town. The Khatushayam ji Baba is consider to be the god of Kaliyuga. He is also known as the khatu naresh, sheesh ke dani, haare ke sahare, baba shyam, etc. There are many attractive places situated near the Khatushyam ji temple; such as: Shyam kund, Shyam Bagichi, Gourishankar temple, etc. Read more about Reserve Your Online Room at Radhey Ki Haveli


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Due to these popular and attractive prosperous and religious place in the Khatu, many people across all over the India are comes hear every year to visit the famous temple of the Khatushayam ji Baba and other religious places. More than 40 Lakes of people comes every year in the Khatu to take the sight and getting blessings of him from all over the world throughout the year. Due to the popularity of khatu and interactions of tourist, many hotels and restaurants are established hear so that the people who come from the different places of the country and across the country can stay here. Read more about Radhey ki Haveli – Wedding Hotel in Rajasthan

Many people are searching for the best hotels for their stay which provide the best royal and heritage feels of their journey which gives a memorable moment to their journey or tour. Radhey ki Haveli is one of the best hotels in the khatu and hotel deals in khatu, which gives the best traditional and royal looks of the Rajasthan to the visitors at the affordable price such as traditional, royal and delicious foods of the Rajasthan in the metal plates of gold and silver, royal beds, royal paintings on the room walls, etc. so that the people can make their stay memorable. It is one of the best traditional Khatu shyam hotel, many people comes here not only for their stay but also for their wedding also, to give a royal and traditional theme to their weddings. Read more about Radhey Ki Haveli Stay at Luxurious Hotel in Khatu

Radhey Ki Haveli is a Traditional and famous Hotel booking in Khatu which provide the luxurious modern room facility, Ekadashi Kirtan, Serving North Indian food in fine dining.