Radhey ki Haveli-One Of The Best Heritage Hotel In Rajasthan

Radhey ki Haveli-One Of The Best Heritage Hotel In Rajasthan

Heritage hotel in rajasthan- Radhey Ki Haveli

Rajasthan is the place where everyone gets involved in its colorful culture and heritage alike hotels. Resorts in Rajasthan has a unique appeal to tourist from around the country in the world.  Due to such vibrantly historic local culture and natural beauty, this state is one of the best renown travel destinations in India. Rajasthan is a land of opulent palaces, mighty as well as eye-catching structured forts, historical temples, and a culture that dates back centuries.

Radhey ki Haveli- one of the best heritage hotel in Rajasthan

Rajasthan heritage palaces are famous for their eye-catching architecture, folk dance, Rajasthani food, traditional songs, traditional dresses, etc. You will be amazed to know that Rajasthani food is most demandable or desirable food in India. A journey to Rajasthan is always incomplete without tasting its traditional royal food.

Due to its beautiful architecture, Rajasthan forts count in one of the best vibrant and colorful palaces in India. There are so many famous forts and palaces including wildlife sanctuaries and other appealing monuments which attract thousands of visitors.

Alike other metro states, Rajasthan having every category of Hotel industry. In other words, Cities in Rajasthan having luxury hotels like 5 star, 6 stars, 7 stars with luxurious facilities that attract tourist from different countries around the world. Radhey ki Haveli is one of the Best Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan.

Such a luxurious hotel of Rajasthan is located near Khatu Shyam Ji temple. It is also known as Khatu Shyam hotel as its located near KhatuShyam Ji which is one of the most famous temples in Rajasthan.

Khatu is a renown spiritual place located 70-80 km far away from Jaipur. Khatu is the place where the number of visitors came from every corner of India and show their devotion to Shyam Baba.

Such a heritage hotel is popular for providing a stay filled with ultimate luxury to each leisure and business travelers from all around the world. A guest gets a chance to have the same grand lifestyle, as was lived by the erstwhile kings and queens.

Royal heritage haveli in Rajasthan also provides luxurious and traditional facilities to the visitors. Radhey ki Haveli is one of the best luxury hotels in Rajasthan that also organizes Ekadashi kirtans and bhajans, and other vigil programs in which a number of singers come from India and show their devotion to “KhatuShyam Baba”.

Radhey Ki Haveli also provides the royal and luxurious rooms facilities for visitors. There are so many types of categories of rooms like sapphire, sapphire premium, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and suits. All these rooms give an incredible environment with an imperial facility to the visitors.

Radhey Ki Haveli even has a multi-cuisine restaurant filled with lavish furniture and crockery to offer you an incredible fine-dining experience just like the royalty. It’s also divided into two sections ‘fine dine section' and ‘bajot section'.

bajot dinner area-radhey ki haveli-heritage hotel in rajasthan

Its Fine dine restaurant represents the north Indian food services and on the other hand, bajot section represents the traditional Rajasthani thali in the traditional bajot sitting area. Both represented Rajasthan's colorful culture.

This is one of the best luxury hotels in Rajasthan who having both dining section fine dining restaurant and Bajot section. Radhey ki haveli has all the necessary facilities that make it one of the best heritage hotel in Rajasthan. It has some of the best and unique facilities are arranged in a way so that the guests don't get bored during their stay and get to spend a fantastic day at leisure in the hotel itself. The staff offers genuinely warm service and honest information.

Radhey Ki Haveli is one of the luxury hotels who presents the beauty and tradition of Rajasthan. This hotel also provides a place for wedding events. And such events truly represent a Rajasthani royal wedding.

It also provides best hotel booking experiences as it has the online reservation of rooms that help the visitors to book the room in advance with the help of the web application. There is no better idea than booking the room in advance at Radhey Ki Haveli. Rajasthani royal heritage haveli delivers the best of everything with full comfort and royal facilities.

Radhey ki Haveli makes the visitor feel the royalty and luxuries of the hotel. This Heritage designing hotel is the best hotel in Khatu which offer to stay with all comfort and provide you the best facilities in Rajasthan

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